“The Light-Bearer Series” Interview with the Vampire Tabbruis

For Vampire Wednesday an Interview with Tabbruis, the Blood-Hunter Vampire in “The Light-Bearer Series” by Emily Guido


EG: Hello! I thank you for stopping by today to talk with us on Mari Well’s Vampire Wednesday. I have some questions I would love to ask you.

EG: How do you say your name and where did your unusual name come from?

Tabbruis: (in a deep husky Middle Eastern accent):

First, let me thank you very much for your reception of my company. Now, Tabbruis pronounced correctly is ‘Tab-bree-us’. My name was given to me in Heaven. You see, before I fell to Earth and became a Blood-Hunter or Vampire, I was the Angel of Self-Determination in Heaven.

EG: I didn’t expect that answer! Could you tell us more about your past?


I have been on the Earth for approximately 8000 years alone and mostly a solitary individual. I once was a Blood-Hunter of Humans . . . but I turned against the life as a killer because I recognized my life was no better than others. I bear no ill toward Humans or Light-Bearers. Ever since, I have been a soldier along with my Blood-Hunter Brothers, Dmitri, Neal and Thomas. I have served in many wars and campaigns throughout the ages. Nevertheless, I keep to myself. I am tortured by my thirst and my isolation.


EG: Can you share one really good experience and one really bad experience?


The best experience beside from meeting my long, lost love Charmeine, was meeting my Blood-Hunter brother, Dmitri. We instantly became brothers low these many years. I believe, and probably so does he, that Dmitri is the wisest man on Earth. Many good times we have had on campaigns together fighting on the same squad.

The worst experience I have had is one that I expressed to no one before… Long ago, I was a Blood-Hunter on the hunt for Humans. In a small village I took the life of a husband and wife, when I was done, I saw a toddler crying over their lifeless bodies. To my great horror and shame, I was hit was a wave of self-loathing. The daughter shocked me into ‘the now’. I swore I would never take another Human life for my thirst! I was forever rocked to my foundation at what I was and what pain I caused in my debauchery!

EG: I know bad experiences can be tough to talk about, Tabbruis. However, they tell us a little more about what you have been through and shaped you for who you are today.


My bad experiences have been many because I was destined to live on this Earth with the need for blood and no one to share my life with. I was lost, empty and gravely alone. I had no idea that I had a family in Heaven. Loneliness can be torture! I do not know what I would do now without my wife and child. I am very fortunate that I have been redeemed with their love and comfort. I am the happiest man on the Earth in my Charmeine’s arms.

“The Light-Bearer Series”

EG: Why do you think your experience in “The Light-Bearer Series” needs to be told, Tabbruis?


I believe “The Light-Bearer Series” is the story of two ill-fated, mixed matched lovers, Charmeine and I, who are total opposites. She is light, and I am dark. We had to fight Heaven and Hell to be together. Even though Charmeine and I were made for each other, we always had obstacle after obstacle to overcome. Some wonderful and terrifying things have happened to us during the process. “The Light-Bearer Series” is a story of love, mystery, and terror inspiring a true passion between Charmeine and I.

Charmeine and Tabbruis

EG: It was great speaking with you today. If you would like to share anything else please feel free to share it with us?


Just that our story has given a voice, picture and frame for telling of our life and love. It seems that even at the most desperate of hours, Charmeine and I have found the determination and hope to overcome our worst fears and enemies . . . But there is always going to be Evil on Earth. It is our job to combat the minions that inhabit the Earth.

EG: Maybe if you are not too busy, some of our guests in Mari Wells Vampire Wednesday blog would like to ask you a few questions also?


Yes, I would like to appease you and all the readers. I will answer any questions the audience would like to ask me. You are very kind indeed!


Character Introduction in “The Light-Bearer Series”

Tabbruis – Tabbruis is the man of my dreams!  Drop Dead Gorgeous and Grecian living statue is my Tabbruis!  He makes Charmeine heat up with just a look… heck I would too!

Dmitri – one of my favorite to die for characters!  OMG Dmitri is just to die for hotness and his story really picks up in the following novels!

Thomas –Love Thomas and his innocence.

Neal – is the wonderful HUGE Protector of the “Castle Charmeine!”

Shane – is just too yummy for words!

Sandra – Shane’s fiancé and spunky spitfire…

Last but not Least CHARMEINE!  She is light, love, honesty and courage wrapped into a package!

ANYONE who would like to have a FREE EBOOKS of “The Light-Bearer Series” can email Emily Guido at guido.emily@gmail.com and in the Subject line put MARI WELLS VAMPIRE WEDNESDAY FREE EBOOKS!

**This is the last of “The Light-Bearer Series” Guest Posts. (Sad face) Emily, when you new book comes out, I hope you’ll come back and tell us about it. Everyone else, ask away, send your email into Emily for your free book.**

Hope you all have a wonderful Happy Thanksgiving! 


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