“The Light=Bearer Series” Characters

Thanks to Emily Guido, for another amazing guest post on her book series…. “The Light-Bearer Series”

I wanted to give you a little insight about the characters in “The Light-Bearer Series”
Get to know the gang at The Castle Charmeine…
Drop Dead Gorgeous and Grecian living statue come to life is Tabbruis!


Tabbruis is the man of my dreams! He has deep, hypnotic green, emerald eyes that can make a girl melt. Kind and honest to a fault, he is The King of the Blood-Hunters!
With a little hint of a Middle-East accent, Tabbruis has a lovely bass voice. However, he can speak almost any language even with the proper dialect.
He was a loner for thousands of years. Very wealthy and rich beyond anyone has a clue at, he usually doesn’t splurge on himself.
Tabbruis makes Charmeine heat up with just a look! Heck, I would too! He is brave and bold, but shy too. Ah, the sweetness… He is a perfect gentleman, but somehow, he makes big mistakes.
He relishes having his Charmeine in his arms! Now, he loves to spoil Charmeine rotten with any luxury he can think of.

Tabbruis Car - Dodge Charger
Tabbruis loves Charmeine and his family, but he’s a little soft for his muscle car… 2013 Dodge Charger SRT8, AWD with a Hemi Engine with 465 horses.
Tabbruis has a built in radar detector with his Blood-Hunter senses and can race through New York City without getting a ticket!

However, Tabbruis also loves his horses, Tristan and Isolde too. Charmeine has fell in love with them as well! Of course Tristan is the black horse that Tabbruis rides and Isolde is the white horse that Charmeine has.Tristan and Isolde
Tristan is always itching to race, but Isolde won’t let him have the upper hand, so to speak! Tabbruis and Charmeine have a blast racing the beautiful animals across the countryside.


One of my favorite to die for characters!
OMG!! Dmitri is just “Hotness on a stick!”
He is exact, bold and unbelievably sexy! Dmitri is the one of the oldest of the Blood-Hunters in the world.
He is wise and helps Tabbruis and Charmeine with his knowledge. He was named as the trusted ‘Advisor’ to Charmeine. He runs or is the Administrator of the “Castle Charmeine.”
On the other hand, Dmitri can come out with the funniest comments! He is known for his signature and snarky… ‘Oh my’ His story really picks up with steamy scenes in the following novels!

Hera is Dmitri’s beloved and gorgeous Grecian wife who comes back into his life and they mix it up!
But Dmitri is also a family man who is devoted to his children, Percival and the darling Athena!




(Dmitri and Hera’s Son)
(Dmitri and Hera’s Daughter)


The lovely and strikingly beautiful young woman is a new addition to the members of Castle Charmeine.
Her powers with ESP and Telekinesis have qualified her to be a the resident Sorceress of the Castle Charmeine.
When she meets Percival, sparks fly…literally!


I love Thomas and his innocence, but truly, he is an Adonis. Golden Brown hair and wonderful sky blue eyes… ahh….
His mission is avenging the death of his precious Laura who was killed; get this…by his own Father, the evil Pascal, the Head of the Elder Council!
He is a very loving and faithful man. He tries so hard to make up for the terrible Blood-Hunter father he had, Pascal, who is terrorizing and threatening the inhabitants of the “Castle Charmeine.”
Thomas is a very conservative and faithful Blood-Hunter and used to serve as a Deacon in the Catholic Church.
Nevertheless, Thomas has a deep secret he carries and when it is revealed… it will leave you reeling.


Laura is the smart, sassy and extremely intelligent Doctor of Castle Charmeine. She is an extremely good physician but her bedside manner is not to be found when she is in an emergency!
Laura has been on the Earth for thousands of years as a Light-Bearer. She has been taking care of people for as long as she has been on Earth. Sometimes with a snarky comment, her humor is always on the mark.
However, Laura has a dark and frightening past, and Thomas is her savior.


NealNeal (aka Nemamiah)

Neal (aka Nemamiah) is the wonderful HUGE Protector of the “Castle Charmeine!” Neal is from Africa and has a thick accent with a booming deep bass voice.
He is at least 7 foot tall and is just a cuddly teddy bear of the family but he can also rip your arm off yawning! STRONG MAN!
His bald head and intimidating stature makes him a perfect military man.
He is incredibly gorgeous, but ladies… sorry, Neal has a love and his name is Hameal! Murdered by the evil Elder Council, Hameal was Neal’s heart. So Neal is out to avenge his gorgeous lover’s death!

OMG! What a hunk!
Hameal is from Egypt, and before he met his lover, Neal, he was a builder of the Pharaohs.
Now, he is a builder, architect and designer of the Castle Charmeine.
In addition, he is a wonderful friend to Charmeine, as they always have their heads together chatting about something… usually gossip.
Ladies, this is the man to have on your side when good times are to be had!



Shane is just too yummy for words!
He is always cracking jokes and provides much comic relief but he is also built like a Viking Warrior!
He has long red hair, crystal clear blue eyes and built like a brick house! Shane has all the characteristics of his mother, Charmeine, a Light-Bearer and his father, Tabbruis, a Blood-Hunter.
He is strong in wisdom and is fiercely in love with his soul mate Sandra Gomez.
They are such a wonderful and dynamic couple!


Shane’s fiancee and spunky spitfire!
Sandra Gomez is 100 pounds of dynamite! She can do almost anything and is afraid of nothing.
She grew up in the Bronx barely surviving and went into the Army where she was recruited into Special Ops. That is where she met her soul mate Shane. They fell instantly in love and care for each other deeply.
She is a Light-Bearer and a Flame-Bearer also.
Also, she has a ‘killing’ sense of humor all wrapped up in one hell of a Feisty woman.
The Men at the Castle Charmeine are truly amazed by this smart, beautiful and deadly adversary!


CharmeineLast but not least, CHARMEINE!
(aka Charleen, mild-mannered grade school teacher)
When Charmeine meets Tabbruis, it is like two stars colliding. The scene is electric with desire, attraction and heat!
She is light, love, honesty, beauty and courage wrapped into one package. Also, she is hot-tempered, jealous and blows up at times.
Loving and accepting of all the family at the Castle Charmeine. She draws them to her. She is also fiercely protective of Tabbruis and her family.
When Charmeine realizes her role as the Queen of the Light-Bearers, she takes the responsibility of saving humankind from all of Lucifer’s minions on Earth!

Where to find/follow Emily:

Emily Guido.com

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