The Vampire Pumpkin

This might be one of the most important Vampire Wednesday posts I ever offer you all!
Please pay the closest of attention! You might find yourself facing this vampire creature soon, and need to know its origins and how to rid yourself of it!

The Lesani Gypsies of Serbia told researcher/ author T.P. Vukavonic a story about a vampire pumpkin. Mr. Vukavonic later wrote a book entitled “The Vampire” he included the pumpkin story. No one knows if the Lesani pulled a prank on Mr. Vukavonic by telling him this story or if they truly believed in it.

The Lesani believed if you kept a pumpkin in your home for more than ten days, keeping it in the house after Christmas Day, or using it as a siphon and not opening it for three or more years would cause the fruit to become a vampire.

Scary Vampire Pumpkin

Scary Vampire Pumpkin

It would look like it always has, keeping its color, size and shape even after spoiling and rotting.

This is the most harmless vampire of all, as it doesn’t physically attack anyone. It does leek blood and roll on the floor making a motor sort of sound.

It order to destroy this vampire, a very special ritual must be done.
All steps must be followed precisely!

First the pumpkin must be boiled, the water has to be thrown away after bring the fruit to a boil. Remove the pumpkin from the pot and scrub it with a short whisk broom. Only after the water has been thrown away.
After scrubbing it, you may now throw the pumpkin away. The final step, the short whisk broom you used to wash the pumpkin must be burned.

Whew, that was super hard!

Now don’t let there be any Halloween pumpkins left in your home ten days after Halloween! That gives you until the 10th of November to get them all out of there. Please, Please, don’t keep any after Christmas.

Don't be fooled by it's innocent looks!

Don’t be fooled by it’s innocent looks!

I don’t want any of you requiring this special ritual.



17 thoughts on “The Vampire Pumpkin

  1. LOL Had me going for a second there Mari – which reminds me, where did Mr Pumpkin disappear to – he was here a minute ago – OH OH better go see what all that screaming is about 🙂

  2. Joseph Pinto says:

    Great post! I shall like a slice of vampire pumpkin pie now!!

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