Becoming a Werewolf

The Wolf's Moon

As I prepare this post there’s 2 hours until Moonrise of the Blood Moon. Two hours and counting until some of you change from a human into a werewolf.

Here’s some info for the rest of my non shape-shifting readers.

It’s been long believed that there are two ways of becoming a werewolf. Voluntary and involuntary.

The ancient Greeks believed that magic could change a person into a werewolf. Long complicated rituals were preformed.
One ritual required a special brew and the calling of the “Dark One” if the wannabe wasn’t scared away by the dark one’s shrieks then he’ll take the form of a half man-half monster (could this be the reason behind the ½ man ½ wolf monster most known as the werewolf?) The Dark One would give the requester the ability to shape shift whenever he wore a lion pelt.

The involuntary ways include, a curse for evil actions, being the victim of a sorcerer’s Witchcraft or being scratched or bitten by a werewolf.

One other involuntary method is to be born on Christmas Eve. This blasphemous act takes attention from Jesus; one has to be pure in all thoughts, words, and deeds throughout their life to be linked to Jesus.

Come back on the next full moon, for a quick lesson on another type of werewolf, the spiritual werewolf known as a skin-walker.


4 thoughts on “Becoming a Werewolf

  1. A mine of information as usual Mari 😀

  2. Joseph Pinto says:

    Next time maybe interview a real wolf 😛 lol

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