Vampires from the Netherlands

Dwaallict is a corpse candle from the Netherlands.


Gienganger is a vampiric spirit who’s buried but not at rest. He returns to its family to haunt them and feed from their fearful energy.

Variation Gienganger
Ancient Norse lore believed a Drauge was created when a necromancer died and returned as a revenant. The necromancer had to be very powerful in order to return. The Drauge was extremely powerful; it could kill anyone with a single blow to the head.

The Drauge could steal your breath or Ond if you made eye contact with it.

Never enter a Druage’s burial chamber, which is the best way to keep yourself safe. Runes (letters of an ancient Germanic or Norse alphabet, related to the Roman alphabet.) could also be carved into the gravestone; keeping it in its chamber. It is very rare to hear about a Drauge wandering about.

Christianity brought a new way of destroying the Drauge, as simply as reburying it in a Christian cemetery and or saying a mass for it.


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