Living Vampires


Vampire lore in Romania has a living vampire. Living Vampires are known at birth as they usually are born with a caul or tail.

This infant is  fully covered with it's caul

This infant is fully covered with it’s caul

Most commonly they are females call Moroaica. They have red hair, blue eyes, twin hearts, and red patches on their faces. The male form is called Moroi. This form is much rarer and can be detected by his male pattern baldness, even at a very young age.

There’s no doubt they’re human but the also have vampire tendencies and super natural abilities. They can drain the life-energy from animals, plant life, and humans. They gather with others of their kind living and undead to teach one another black magic. They drink honey straight from the hive, the bees that live there die afterwards. They can shape-shift into glowing balls, of light, cats, dogs, ravens, or wolves.

When one dies they will rise up as a true vampire unless it was staked through the hearts or decapitated and burned to ash.

Living Vampires can also be people who are born claiming they have special needs that must be met in order to live. Energy may be needed or the need to consume blood. Hemophagia can cause you to crave blood. Biologically speaking the human body can’t process raw blood in a way to take life-sustaining nourishment from it. Raw uncooked blood would make the body very sick.


8 thoughts on “Living Vampires

  1. B. Patterson says:

    Very cool. Moroi’s also the name of the “living vampire” in Vampire Academy. Interesting to see where it originated

  2. Very interesting lore. I’ve always thought I’d like to visit Romania 🙂

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