A special :: Communion’s Dhampir

I’ve got a special Vampire Wednesday for you all today. My Friend B. Patterson has agreed to let us have a peek at his Dhampir… I spell it Dampire but Tomato Tomato, right? So B. Patterson’s novel “Communion” will be released on October 11th and he was kind enough to take a moment out of his hectic release schedule to be here today.

Without me blabbing on more, here’s B. Patterson and the “Communion” Dhampirs

******UPDATE: Communion has gone live. You can buy your copy Here @ Amazon******



First, thanks to Mari for having me. I’ve been following your blog for quite some time now. It’s such an honor to be here for “Vampire Wednesday.”

And now to introduce the dhampir of my debut novel, Communion.

The predominant mythology surrounding dhampir casts them as human and vampire offspring; they have enhanced abilities, and they hunt vampires.

Vampiric Essence

My dhampir are more human than vampire. All dhampir are born human, but can be changed after exchanging blood with a dhampir. During this exchange, the human is infused with vampiric essence. The vampiric essence grants a human enhanced, vampire-like abilities. Greater strength and speed, accelerated healing (with limits!), retractable fangs, and the ability to “see” the emotions of the dhampir they are articulated to.

While traditional vampires are undead, mine are still alive, as they’re mostly human. Dhampir are meant to blend in easily with the human population.

Now, to keep these new abilities, dhampir have to feed their vampiric essence. What does this essence have a taste for? Human blood, of course!

A dhampir doesn’t lose their vampiric essence if they don’t feed. But they do lose their enhanced abilities. In a sense, they go back to being a regular human.

Remember: Human + Vampiric Essence = Dhampir

Articulation and “Seeing” Emotions

In most vampire books and TV shows, a vampire has a special bond with their maker. Sometimes, it’s a special allegiance to this maker. Or perhaps their maker knows, or can even influence, their emotions.

When a dhampir converts their first human into a dhampir, they are articulated to each other. As such, they can see each other’s emotions as colors. Yes, as colors. These colors appear on the edges of a dhampir’s peripheral vision.

The main character of Communion is Lester. He was turned by Gwynn, therefore the two of them are articulated. When Gwynn is happy, Lester sees green. When she is sad, Lester sees blue. Anger-based emotions, such as frustration and hatred, appear as auburn and scarlet.

Dhampir should only convert ONE other human. Otherwise, there are consequences…

Dhampir as Hunters

One of the taglines for Communion is:

“The vampires are extinct. There are only the dhampir.”

In Communion, the vampires have been extinct for over 200 years. For the dhampir, who have already accomplished the purpose they were created for, this has led to something of an existential crisis over the centuries.

The dhampir leadership constantly argued over a new direction for their race. Where do they fit into human society? Should they stop converting new dhampir? They were close to coming up with conclusive answers… before they were massacred.

While dhampir accomplished their original purpose of hunting down vampires, they now have their hands full with each other.

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8 thoughts on “A special :: Communion’s Dhampir

  1. YUMMY!!!!!!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Lots of bites, Emily

  2. Karen Soutar says:

    Sounds interesting. Looking forward to the novel! 🙂

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