The Satyr’s Curse Book Review

The Satyr’s Curse
By Alexandrea Weis

Jazzmyn Livaudai, a young woman who’s daily life is dedicated to her restaurant and mansion in New Orleans. Both being her father’s pride and joy, she won’t give either up in hopes of keeping him close to her after his death.
Her chef and friend Kyle is in love with her, but she refuses him repeatedly, saying she doesn’t have time for a romantic relationship.

Until, Julian Devereau –a wealthy, handsome man who has a dark secret- walks into her restaurant one night. He’s attractive and witty, and he won’t take no for an answer. Taking Kyle’s advice –advice he’d hoped worked in his favor not against it- Jazzmyn begins seeing Julian more often.

She’s been busy trying to keep the restaurant running correctly that she hasn’t read any of the newspaper headlines about the deaths of young woman. Kyle doesn’t want her seeing Julian anymore or being alone.

After weeks of seeing Julian, Jazzmyn begins to think something might be wrong and does some research, other women have died in the past hundred years in the same way. She confronts Julian and learns of his horrible secret.

He’s the cause of the deaths and he’ll keep killing if she refuses to marry him. As she’s the only one who can fill his needs. Another problem with this situation, as if Julian killing women isn’t enough is Jazzmyn realizes she loves someone else.

I was very shocked by the end. I really love that it had magic in it. You all know me by now, Vampires and Magic, oh and an occasional Werewolf are my weak spots. This novel had magic…

For a little while, the magic was just funny, like Ms. Helen covering the Sues chef in flour so his cooking skills would be better. But the end had a priestess doing a ritual for Julian and Jazzmyn in a cemetery! Wow! I loved it.

I was able to read The Satyr’s Curse in one day, its 261 pages. There is a sex scene, but there aren’t any bad words used.

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