Wolf’s Moon

The Wolf's Moon

Tonight is the Full Moon; if you’ve been around Facebook, you know it’s a special moon at that. Some say a blue moon others a red moon. I say it’s special because it’s the first Wolf’s Moon, here.
Tonight, we’ll just go over a quick rundown, next month we’ll take the wolf out for some more fun.

picture of red moon on Facebook

picture of red moon on Facebook

A wolf man or a man who turns into a wolf, there are many legends and folktales about this sort of man, differing slightly from country to country.

Lycanthropy comes from the Greek words lukos and anthropos meaning Wolf-man. Reginald Scot in “The Discovery of Witchcraft” used it in 1584, to name a mental form of insanity of behaving like a wild animal, usually a wolf. (He stood up to the Church and the Inquisition for their treatments of Witches, Werewolves and other shape-shifters. You go Reginald! He was almost staked.)
The Anglo-Saxon had a word for this transformation too. They called this man a Werwulf wer meaning man and wulf.

In 1589 Peter Stumpf, admitted (under torture) that the Devil had given him a magic belt, when he wore the belt he turned into a wolf man, he could return to human form once he removed the belt. He was burned at the stake for his crimes, killing a total of 13 children, a couple of young ladies, and various livestock.

It was once believed that witches could turn themselves into werewolves or could curse others to become werewolves. Vampire legends believed if you were a werewolf in life you would be a vampire in death.
-Now you see my interest in the werewolf. Although I do love the animal greatly, without connection to the werewolf.-

Another myth regarding the werewolf…The Greek mythology behind the werewolf goes a little something like this.
This guy, Lycaon was king of a Greek kingdom of Arcadia. He decides to test Zeus, by serving him his dead son, just to see if Zeus really is omniscient. Zeus changes Lycaon into a wolf and kills all the rest of his children. The child who was killed by Lycaon is restored life.

Other countries that didn’t have large populations of wolves had other animal men, like tigers, panthers, leopards, and foxes.

Make sure you come back every Full Moon. We’ll be looking into the half man and wolf or full wolf idea. The only a Full Moon or whenever a Were wants issue. All sorts of wolfy fun will follow.


6 thoughts on “Wolf’s Moon

  1. B. Patterson says:

    A werewolf in life, but a vampire in death. I find that interesting, too… Although, currently I don’t plan to ever write a story about werewolves (but I once said that about vampires).

    In the Vampire Diaries TV show, a werewolf’s bite can kill a vampire. That’s a twist I haven’t seen before, but they don’t do much with it in the show.

    The devil giving someone a magic belt also gives me ideas. For a Twilight/50 Shades parody… muwahaha

    • mari wells says:

      It’s very interesting that a lot of vampire myths have vampire origins as being a werewolf in life. A witch could also place a werewolf curse on someone, I wonder if that would make them vampires in death.

      I do have a werewolf novel, I haven’t gotten far on it. 🙂 I have too many novels and other stuff I’m doing.

      I haven’t watched the Vampire Diaries or read the book. 😦 reading the series is on the bottom of my TBR list though.

      Ha, ha, I think that belt idea could be a good one. I’m totally for it!

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