The Sucoyan looks like an old woman by day. At night, she takes off her skin and hides it in a hollow of a tree.

She shape-shifts into a corpse candle and searches for her prey.


Usually the victim is a sleeping person that she’ll drain.

Like all other vampires who can remove their skin. . . If you can find her skin and rub it with salt, she won’t be able to use it and die in the sunlight.


The Sucoyan is from the West Indies.

3 thoughts on “Soucayant

  1. B. Patterson says:

    Fascinating creature. And glad to have you back 🙂

    • mari wells says:

      Glad to be back. I spent all day trying to get some posts ready. 😀
      So glad you liked the Soucayant 🙂

      • B. Patterson says:

        Ooo, looking forward to see what you came up with. And I had never thought about vampire-like creatures who have to shed their skin. I’ll have to look at your other posts about them. See if I can group them together in one story.

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