Awakening :: Book Review

A Lilly Frank Series
By Jeanie Grey

Lilly Frank is trying to get her life back to a normal state. Her mother was brutally killed two years ago; sending her into a deep depression. Her only friend Teresa forced her to survive. She’s in a relationship she doesn’t like because he’s predictable and he has no relationship with her father.

Hugh Frank is ambitious businessperson and Lilly’s father. Anyone he knows are pawn pieces to him, he trades them in order to advance his career. As Lilly already knows. She’s his most important pawn. He encourages Todd Croft a man Lilly despises to attempt a relationship with her even though she’s engaged to Ethan Grunier.

Torren Frisk an associate of Hugh Frank is handsome. He also has to have influence, money, or power if he’s Hugh’s acquaintance.
Lilly chooses to stay away from her father’s associates. Given an option, she chooses the predictable and safe choice. Ever since her mother died two years ago. At a charity ball in memory of her mother. Lilly meets Torren. Todd trips her after she refuses him. Torren rescues her from the fall when she recovers she’s awestruck by the deepest blue eyes she’s ever seen. Torren is different he’s what she’s always wanted without knowing it. Hugh attempts to get Lilly to the opera with Torren. She finally agrees. At the opera Torren stays quiet not answering her questions openly or freely, confusing Lilly more

She decided to marry Ethan because he was unambitious and predictable that and he didn’t have a friendship with her father. When Ethan asks her to ask Hugh for a favor. She snaps Ethan wants to use her like Todd Croft and many others who like Hugh’s wealth and influence. She breaks off their engagement.

Lilly calls Torren to meet him for dinner at a burger place. They talk (mostly about Lilly’s life). Before making breakfast, there are a few very HOT pages. As Lilly makes breakfast, Torren enters the kitchen unexpectedly scaring Lilly who pushes a knife into his gut. Of course, she freaks out and he doesn’t after a few more minutes he’s fully healed. She kicks him out.

At a dinner party Torren requests to talk to her. Her mind has played many solutions and she needs an answer. She agrees only after seeing he gives a choice to his requests, not like the other people she’s used to, who demand. A few days later, they meet where he admits to being a vampire. She needs to know why Torren is friends with her father and decides to do some snooping.

She sneaks around Hugh’s house and begins to eavesdrop when she hears Torren’s voice in Hugh’s office. Torren and Hugh have made a deal and Lilly was the object of that deal. She’s been her father’s pawn again.

Later that night Torren goes to see Lilly. She confronts him about what she heard, and he admits it. He’s found her mother’s killer and takes her to meet him. The killer drops a bombshell though.

Totally unexpected ending. You’ll have to read it. It’s so good.

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