The Obour starts its vampire life as a vampire spirit before it becomes a revenant. The Bulgarian Obour is created when a person is murdered. His spirit leaves the body immediately but then it tries to get back, but the body is already dead. The spirit leaves the grave 9 days after its burial looking like a corpse candle. At this point, it has telekinetic powers. It roams the community causing trouble.


During the next 40 days, it bothers anyone it can: It’ll bite cow udders to drink its milk and blood. He makes shadows moving in raunchy ways. He defaces religious artifacts with feces or other act of vandalism. He’s also capable of making loud noises. I hope he doesn’t make noise while making the shadows move….

If he gets too bothersome, the townsfolk can hire a Djadadjii to bottle the Obour and destroy him. After 40 days have passed if a Djadadjii hast been called. The Obour’s body rises from its grave. He still looks the same as before death, but. . .
Now he only has one nostril!!

Usually the Obour will leave his community, go to another where he’s not known, and start a new life.

**I have a very special line up for you guys these next 3 weeks. Jeanie Grey a vampire author will be guest posting those three weeks.**


7 thoughts on “Obour

  1. Bet you’ve already been told this Mari, but you are one scary ghoul 🙂

  2. B. Patterson says:

    Thanks for following. This is some very cool research you’ve done here. Have you ever used the Obour in a story before?

  3. anonymous says:

    That dang Obour! It should be affected by religious artifacts! Why wasn’t it? I like it when supernatural villains are hurt by sacredness. If i could I’d find a way tov make that demon die a painful death.

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