The Sampiro is a variation of the Liogat. Do you remember him form last week? No, Well here’s a quick summary. . . He’s a corpse candle vampire, Albanian of Turkish decent and according to a church decree that was enough to make him a vampire no matter how good he was in life.

The Sampiro has that same background, but it can also be from partaking in unnatural acts. Like bestiality, homosexuality, prostitution, transvestitism, or heterosexuality with a Turk. That isn’t all if an Albanian attuned a Muslim religion service, ate meat touched by a Turk, being a lair, or a professional thief can cause the curse to fall on you.

Three days after death the Sampiro rises wearing its shroud and high heels. It has large brightly glowing eyes. The Sampiro’s favorite nights are those when there’s a heavy fog, because his eyes glow brighter. He fallows his victims making “kissy” noises. Yeah, kissy noises! There so loud you can hear them over the noisy clicks of his shoes. He runs away as soon as he feeds. Imagine a vampire running away in a shroud and high heels. It doesn’t drain its victim –he doesn’t take enough blood to kill.


This vampire gets its jollies by staring into windows (after eating or when there’s no need to feed.) His glare is capable of spreading disease; babies are most likely to be infected.

Wolves hate the Sampiro as they do the Liogat. If they find one in their territory, they’ll hunt him down. Sampiros usually don’t stay in one are too long for this reason. If a Sampiro survives an attack but suffers an injured limb, he’ll return to his grave forever. Sampiros are very vengeful so humans never try to kill him unless you’re sure you can win or get some wolves to help.

This vampire is a day sleeper. You’ll be able to find its grave because the soil will be loose since it leaves nightly. There’ll also be a blue orb of light above it (remember it’s a corpse candle). Exhume the body while the sun shines; pierce him through the heart with a stake of Yew Wood. It wouldn’t hurt to have some wolves with you.

I would like to make this little bit stand out….
The Sampiro keeps a small amount of grave dirt in his navel. So it looks like the idea of Native soil is older that Bram Stoker, the Sampiro may not need to have it, but it is always there.

2 thoughts on “Sampiro

  1. Joseph Pinto says:

    “This vampire gets its jollies by staring into windows…”
    And today this vampire would get its ass beat & kicked into jail! 🙂
    Great post as usual!

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