A few Irish Vampires


A few Irish Vampires that got lost in my drafts folder.

I’m so sorry Deamhan Fola, Dreach-Fhoula, and Dreach-Fhoula for overlooking you.

Deamhan Fola pronounced DJOW-agn FUL ah Diabhal Fola, Deamhain Fhola, Dearg-Due,
Deamhan fola is a term used in Ireland to name a vampire. It means “Blood Deamon”.


Dreach-Fhoula pronounced Droc Ola Dreach-Shoula, Droch-Fhoula
In ancient Ireland Dreach-Fhoula meaning tainted blood was a type of vampire fairy. In modern times it refers to a blood feud between families. A castel in Kerry County, Ireland is named DU’N Dreach-Fhoula, the place of tainted blood.


Du’n Dreach-Fhoula Do-in Droc-ola Dune Droc-Ola =Castle of Blood Visage
In Kerry County Ireland, in a place called Magillycuddy Reeks there’s a cattle called Du’n Dreach-Fhoula. It was suppose to be a fortress to stand guard over a mountain pass. The area wasn’t used for travel much and the castle was rumored to have blood drinking fay living there.


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3 thoughts on “A few Irish Vampires

  1. Joseph Pinto says:

    Damn, these vampires seem to come out of the woodwork! lol

  2. A very educational post! Great work, Mari!

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