I think this vampire is one of the saddest situations I’ve ever come across.

A church in the sixteen hundreds declared that all Albanians of Turkish decent would automatically become a vampire after death. It didn’t matter how good or spiritual they were in live.

In 1854 the Liogat a revenant was officially described as meaning “Dead Turks in winding sheets” because the vampires was described as rising from the grave with it’s burial shroud wrapped around it’s body and wearing high heeled shoes.


The Liogat was also thought of as a death omen, because it spread disease wherever it went.

Wolves hate this vampire. A Liogat who survives a wolf attack will retreat to his grave and never rise again. If you don’t have a wolf, look for a corpse candle and follow it. It will go to the grave the vampire sleeps in by day. Drive a wooden stake through it’s heart to pin it to the ground. It won’t destroy it but will make it unable to do more harm.

2 thoughts on “Liogat

  1. Joseph Pinto says:

    Yes, us wolves are not fond of the Liogat! 😉
    Thank you for another interesting post! 🙂

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