Mother By Julie Hutchings

I’m absolutely in love with this story. Julie is an amazing writer, she’s so talented as you should already know.

Deadly Ever After

TODAY’S BREW: Chocolate Cappuccino Chunk. Not Walmart brand.

By Julie


Her eyes spoke of merciless things, wild and unrepenting, but only if you were looking.

“The wreckage is….” Mayor Whitley couldn’t finish his sentence. It didn’t seem like he’d finished one yet since he arrived at the tornado site. A war could not have created such unrecognizable rubble, such smoldering destruction. The occasional scream was still heard when a victim was moved the wrong way, or when some child was spotted that an aching mother never thought she’d see again. The mayor flinched with every human noise.

The woman stood next to Mayor Whitley, the two of them alone amongst throngs of emergency workers and police. The tornado had brought volunteers from counties within a one hundred mile radius. Ironically, the same span the tornado had ravished.

This woman was no emergency worker or even a do-gooder busybody, of…

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4 thoughts on “Mother By Julie Hutchings

  1. Thank you for this, Mari! How sweet! Thank you thank you. xx

  2. Jane Risdon says:

    Wonderful story. Thanks for visiting my author blog – how I found you here. Do pop back soon and I shall be back now I know about your blog. 🙂

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