Vampire Rabbit

Today, I’m doing something a bit different.
I’m going to look at a book.
Do you know which one, I’m thinking about.

Did you guess Bunnicula?

Once up [on a time years ago my third grade teacher read Bunnicula to us (along with lots of other stories. She gave me a love for reading.)
Fast forward, a decade or two and I read Bunnicula to my kids.
Imagine my horror when they didn’t love it!
What’s not to love about Bunnicula? A vampire story for little kids. I’ve been heartbroken ever since. My little ones don’t share y undying love of vampires with me. This is so bad I could stay in bed crying for weeks.



Bunnicula is a vampire rabbit. Yeah a cute adorable rabbit that won’t eat.
He was found in a theatre when a Dracula movie was playing. A family takes him home, there’s already a cat and dog at home. The two young boys name him Bunnicula in honor of Count Orlock. Bunnicula has two small fangs just like his namesake.
Bunnicula 24x30

The cat reads a lot and figures something is wrong. Bunnicula doesn’t eat but every morning vegetables are found shriveled and colorless. The cat decides Bunnicula is a vampire rabbit. He places garlic around so Bunnicula can’t eat. The dog thinks that’s cruel and helps Bunnicula, because he’s only sucking the juice and color from veggies.
There are six books in the series.


If you love vampires and think your little ones might like them too try Bunnicula. I hope you have more success than I did.

I just had to add all of these cute pictures!

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7 thoughts on “Vampire Rabbit

  1. rebecca2000 says:

    It was one of my favorites as a kid and my kids didn’t like it either. Drives me crazy

  2. paulaacton says:

    All rabbits are vicious blood sucker especially those white ones with the evil pink eyes, Count Duckula was far nicer

  3. I loved this book as a kid!

  4. Joseph Pinto says:

    Just when I’d thought i’d seen it all lol 🙂 Awesome!!

  5. I’ve never read it, but my best friend in grade school did and I remember him telling me about it. A completely ridiculous concept. Perfect for kids.

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