My Muse loves music.

I depend on my music director (read my 14-year-old daughter) for that music.  She either downloads music on to my pc or hands me her earphones while she pushes on her mp3 player’s screen. I move the songs on my PC into a playlist or send it to the garbage bin; if it’s on her MP3, I’ll ask her to put it in to a playlist.

A few days ago, I asked her for some tunes. She started playing a song from Alanis Moresette.  A character I thought had died screamed “I need this song.” She started giving me a scene and some dialogue for another part of the story.

“Will you put this in my “WW” playlist?” I murmured.

Daughter sighed.

I turned to look at her.

She was shaking her head.

“I know…”

“You didn’t like it three months ago.”

“I know but this character didn’t exist then.”

She rolled her eyes but her mouth turned up at the corners. This happens often in my house. Another scene might be me asking to hear the same six songs repeatedly.

My daughter throws her hands up in desperation. “You only know the same 10 songs! It’s beyond annoying.”

I stood beside her frozen by the shock before I started laughing. “Sorry Haylee has my head right now and those are the songs she likes.”

She laughed.

She is desperately trying to find new songs for my characters.

Psst, here’s a secret she doesn’t know about….I have a few new characters floating around trying to make themselves a home. They might like some new songs.


2 thoughts on “Music

  1. rebecca2000 says:

    I love that you two have these conversations. My daughter is a music snob. I laugh because she can be sooooo sarcastic about my tastes.

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