Some Irish Vampires

Sile na Gig
Other names Shee-lah na Gig, An Chailleach Beara (the Old Woman of Beara), Black Annis, Clotha, Hag, Old Hag, Sheelagh na Gig, Sila na Gig
In Celtic lore of Ireland Sile na Gig was a type of vampiric earth spirit or mother goddess from which all life came forth. She was very ugly, she had an extended vulva, pot belly, twisted face and withered breasts. Her image was still found even after it was outlawed by the Church. Its possible that Sile na Gig was a little-known Celtic goddess by the name of Clotha. She was the embodiment of battle and weaver of soldier’s burial shrouds. The goddess had similar traits to the Banshee, she washed bloody shrouds at the riverbank too.
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Dus Duce
In Celtic lore there is a vampire demon called dus which means specter. He consumes the flesh and blood of humans

Other names Neam Mare-bub, Murbhheo, Heamh-mairbh
In Irish folklore there is a vampire Revenant that’s created through magic, it’s called neamh-mhairbh meaning the undead. It feeds off of human blood. Neamh-mhairbh isn’t a species of vampire but a vampire that’s created through magic.
This sounds great..magic making vampires!
Abhartach (remember him?) was considered a neamh-mhairbh because it was his own magic that allowed him to return


9 thoughts on “Some Irish Vampires

  1. averythorne says:

    That picture… is so disturbing…
    The Celts had some nasty monsters, man. Nasty. *Shudders

  2. Joseph Pinto says:

    Mari, you need to create a cable series out of this lol I love these posts!

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    This does look prigisonm. I’ll keep coming back for more.

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