The Witches’ History

It’s time for us to join for the Witching Hour.

Have you all gathered around?
Yes, Good, this time I will offer a question….

Ponder my offering.


My question…

We have already gone over the Witch Hunt histories. Witches are portrayed as evil and in the best interest of the community to be removed.

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However, all of the histories are written by historians who were for the hunts, trials and deaths. We have no history written by the hand of the witches. We have no history written from the side of the witches.
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Is it possible….. that what we know as a true history is bias? What we know as history was a prejudice look from one side?
We have no prospective from the other side. We have a false history of witches, Witch hunts, trials and deaths. Why because those who wanted them dead are the only side we know of.

We know stories of witches causing harm, pain and death. We know of witches killing infants and children and having orgies with the Devil.
Are these stories true? We have no history from witches to confirm it.

I believe our history is wrong. I believe we have fallen into a trap the historians want. We can only believe in a history we know both sides of.


Leave me your thoughts.

10 thoughts on “The Witches’ History

  1. averythorne says:

    I had an ancestor who was burned as a witch in 15th century France. Which is pretty odd, come to think about it.

  2. riverpearl says:

    There are many in the alternative healing (and other) communities who believe that many of our environmental and other problems can be traced back to the eradication of many of these (mostly) women. It’s been a great loss to our collective wisdom.

    On another topic, I’ve just began playing in another roleplay sim, an alternative 1850’s London, where my character is a witch. The internet research I’ve done has so far been dry and dismal so when I have time I’ll be sorting through your archives for more of an understanding.

  3. paulaacton says:

    I think in some ways we have actually reached a point where history vindicates these women, we now look back with a more critical eye at the methods used to obtain confessions and the reasons behind the accusations. We can see that in many case they were guilty of heresy rather than witchcraft in refusing to change religions to suit the monarch of the time and that on a local level many of the women accused were actually land owners whose estates were the confiscated and turner over to the nearest titled person who ironically or not depending how you see it was the one who passed the death sentence upon them

    • mari wells says:

      I agree with you, Paula, but I think all of our history is bias and that has given witches a bad name in general. When someone hears the word witch (usually) what they think is a evil woman (or man). Someone who wants to cause harm. Media may carry most of the blame, but even the witch hunts, bring images of men and mostly women acting on the devil’s command doing harm and being killed for the better of the village or town. Very few have actually taken the time to learn the “hidden” reasons behind the trials and hunts. Most of what is there, is written from the side of the “hunters” and that is a sad fact.

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