What Tools Do You Use

When you write do you use your PC/ laptop or good old-fashioned pen and paper?

If you use pen and paper, do you have a favorite pen or favorite style of paper or notebook?

I use both.  it depends on where I’m at but also my mood.

I use regular college ruled notebooks and at times whatever scraps of paper I can find, but I love writing with a silver pen. (Have to keep the evil away 😀  I plan to kill my bad characters with my pen! Ha ha ha Bad pun. I didn’t even notice that until right now. I was thinking I’d stab them with my silver pen, but I could just write them dead… The pen is mightier than the sword or the pen in this case.  )

During the day, I scribble out notes that come to me. At night, I try to write out scenes from those notes. The next morning I type them. I try to type them straight away, but there is only so much time a day in front of a keyboard that you can spend without going crazy.

I heard that you shouldn’t have a special routine or equipment when writing because you won’t be able to write if you’re missing some part of that routine or equipment. My favorites aren’t necessary for my writing. If I have red ink at the time, I use it. Sometimes to increase creativity I write in colored inks. It’s quite fun! My notebooks are full of black scribbles, and looking boring then all of a sudden there is purple and green scribbles, or red and blue or even orange. I don’t recommend orange; it’s hard to read later. Anyways, you get the point.

What do you use when writing? Do you have a special routine; you have to do before writing?


12 thoughts on “What Tools Do You Use

  1. I write on my laptop, but have stacks of 5 subject notebooks that can only be the kind with plastic pockets or I don’t feel right. I have little journals everywhere that I use to put special words or phrases of my own or other writers’ that particularly inspire me. I am a pen and paper girl in the end.


  2. Papizilla says:

    Pen and paper for poetry, computer for stories. As for pen and paper, whatever is handy or cheap at the store. I am lucky I am not fussy.

  3. paulaacton says:

    I tend to write stories on the laptop but I always write poetry on paper, I have numerous notebook laying around some with story ideas and timelines sketched out others with blocked in chapter planning others with just poetry, but none of them are solely writing they have drawings and scribbles randomly decorating the pages

    • mari wells says:

      After I’ve been in front of a screen for so long I try to move… so I have a few notebooks too. Blogging ideas, Witches and Vampires, One notebook for each novel, research. They have drawings, scribbles and sketches too.

  4. averythorne says:

    Sorry, couldn’t find the ‘about’ page. Just nominated you for the Sunshine Award. For great bloggers and all that. Cos you’re great. Oh, you’ve won it before too! Yaay! Why am I not surprised? http://bloodoverithaca.wordpress.com/2013/03/26/huh-another-award/

  5. rebecca2000 says:

    I mostly type on my laptop but sometimes, I like old fashioned writing. It is very romantic.

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