The Earl of Desmond

Vampire Wednesday.
I have another Irish vampire for you.

The Earl of Desmond lived in Limerick County Ireland, there once stood a castle over looking Lough Gur (Loch Gair in Irish) A count who said he was a scholar and used magic lived there. He always kept his magical ceremonies secret. He never let anyone see him as he practiced his art. His wife would beg to watch, he finally gave in, but under one condition. She couldn’t make a sound no matter what she saw. Only after she vowed to obey did he start his ritual. He began to shape-shift into various forms soon taking a shape so horrible she couldn’t hold her scream any longer.
As the scream came out of her mouth the castle began to tremble and sink into the nearby Lough Gur. NO ONE escaped!

I’m sorry I have to say it. . . I don’t want to but I have to. . . Sometimes a man is right. There I said it.

The Earl is now a vampire revenant, sometimes he leaves his watery home and travels around the surrounding countryside looking for young adults he can find and bring to the castle. He drains them of their energy through sexual intercourse.
The Earl is forced to exist in this manner until the time comes for him to “restore all to as it was.”

He’s also been called..Gearoid Larla Fitzgerald

One thought on “The Earl of Desmond

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