Be prepared

My dear friends I come to you today in an attempt to offer you a warning.
I must back track for you to understand.

In January I joined The Darker Half.. (My biggest honor as a writer thus far, to be contributing writer/editor to a website)

We have been working hard in hopes of having a place for you to rest your weary head or indulge in your own darker half.

I regret to tell you, we have been attacked.

Yes, we have been attacked!

By own of our own no less!


My beloved president has agreed to our attacker.

A place we all have been happy to visit in the past……
The Severed Limb Movement.

You can read more about it here.

Here is my warning…
Please Take Me Seriously!

Listen to El Gereralissimo from Severed Limb.

He may seem sweet on the outside, but I assure you he is not.

There is a reason they are called The Severed Limb Movement.
Why we are now called The Severed Limb Movement….
My training has intensified, I am told to not keep any prisoners , I have been ordered at gun point.

Please follow the cause and you will be treated well, Read the above there is a promise of Rum and loud music..

2 thoughts on “Warning! BE PREPARED!

  1. Sounds exciting, Mari! Congrats on the new site.

  2. […] Warning! BE PREPARED! | Mari Wells. […]

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