Today is Vampire Wednesday. I’ve been under so much stress, I thought it was Tuesday. I almost missed VAMPIRE WEDNESDAY. This is the worse thing I could possibly do.

Since I didn’t miss it….
We are looking at Ireland today, I’m not sure how long Ireland’s vampire creatures will last, but we’ll have fun as long as it does.


Young Queen Annowre

Young Queen Annowre

Annis pronounced An-eez, is a sorceress. Her name means pure as in virginal.

Her legends go back as far as the creation of not only Ireland but of Scotland too. She has had so many names that it is nearly impossible to list them all. Her name ancient name was Caillech. Scota where Scotland originates from was called Caledonia meaning, “Lands give by Caillech”, and so Scotland was named after her.


She is so important in the minds of her people that she has been converted into Christendom as St. Anna the daughter of St. Joseph of Arimathea. She’s also known as Annowre in Arthurian lore.
She’s reported as having shape-shifting abilities; mostly she takes the form of an owl. Some stories state she can control the weather, heal the wounded, conduct initiations ceremonies, and dispense wisdom to those who seek her out.

She been worshipped as a goddess; revered as a saint; and even cursed as a demon. Hills, rivers, and countries were named after her

“Yeah, Yeah, this is all cool. Maybe you got confused today Mari and this Annis should have been in your Witching Hour post.”
I hear you say.
“Maybe your right maybe she should have been in my Witching Hour, but …”

In all of her long history, she has always consumed the blood of children. That seems like a vampire to me.

She also goes by Blue Hag

She also goes by Blue Hag

Photo Credit:
Blue Hag

Come back next week for more Irish Vampire creatures.

3 thoughts on “Annis

  1. Joseph Pinto says:

    I dunno, call me kooky maybe, but she looks like a nice ole grandma to me 😉

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