Just Another Hunt

The amazing beautiful ladies known as the Undead Duo at http://www.deadlyeverafter.com ran my story “Just Another Hunt” the other day.

I thought I reblogged it but not sure. Anyways, I’m going to put it up here.


By Mari Wells

I sat in the corner watching everyone in the club. A few eyes were on me; this red and black leather dress always got their attention. I heard the whispers, the words like daggers. It doesn’t matter; women are cruel when threatened by another of their kind.

I intimidated them all when on the hunt.

Only one man would do tonight. I didn’t mind if he’d arrived with someone else, he’d be leaving with me. I raised the drink in my hand to my lips. I still hadn’t seen the one I desired tonight but I wouldn’t leave this club and go to another one.

Movement on the dance floor caught my attention. A black dress swayed back and forth. Come on. There had to be something more than that dress. A man’s hand slipped around her waist and rested on the small of her back. Turn around. Turn around.

A couple next to me shifted at their table and I heard her whisper, “What’s wrong with her?”
They got up and left.

I kept my vision focused on the hand upon the black dress. Finally, they twisted, and I saw him.

His broad shoulders obscured the woman in the black dress. I so like broad shoulders, they’re better for gripping. I inhaled deeply; all the people in the closed building masked his scent. The club owners had thought that the air systems would keep fresh air circulating through the building. It might have worked for humans but not for me.

I picked up a familiar scent and scanned the far wall. Gabe’s eyes met mine, and he tipped his head slightly to acknowledge me. My lips curled slightly. We might have spoken before but we both hunted something else tonight.

I turned back to the floor; black dress was gone and broad shoulders with her. I scanned the bar and tables, I couldn’t lose him. I wanted him. No one else would do.

I scanned the floor once more, ready to get up and search him out. I met Gabe’s eyes again; his grin told me he knew whom I hunted. I raised my glass to him. He made his way to me and pulled a chair out to sit down.
“A black dress?” he asked.
I nodded.
“Northern corner,” he replied.
I glanced into the corner. There they sat, locked at the lips.

“It’s been a long time,” he sighed.
Please don’t do this.
“I’ve thought of you often.”
“Gabe our time is done. Se acabó.”
He nodded and placed his hands on the table.

A feeling I haven’t felt for a long time grew in me. Slowly I reached to touch the tips of his fingers, a sensation like fire burning though his fingertips into mine.

Memories flooded me: holding him in my arms, rocking him, licking the wounds on his neck. Once he awoke, we spent many hours in each other’s arms from moonrise to sunrise. Passion washed over us during those hours, the need to feed banished by the need for love and fervor. Desire was the game we played. We even hunted together, but that was over now.

“You were always. . .“
He leaned in closer.
“My favorite.”
No te creo, He was always your favorite. That’s what ended us,” he replied leaning back into his chair.
“I didn’t create him. You I created. You are my favorite.”
“I wasn’t enough for you. Ale, forget him. You’ll never be happy until you do.”
Was he right, would I never be happy until I forgot him? I was happy with Gabe, wasn’t I, while it lasted.

“How have you been?” I asked.
He grinned. “I’ve been. Y tu?” his grin got bigger.
He knew. Everyone knew. I shrugged.
“You have been busy,” he finally said.
“You know my only weakness is strong men.”
He smiled, “And I was your favorite?”
I brought my drink to my lips as I focused on him. The memory of his fingers softly touching my lips sent a shiver through me.
“I was your favorite?” he asked again, leaning towards me.
I nodded once.

What was your favorite?” His grin turned mischievous.
I shook my head.
He placed his right hand on his heart, drawing my eyes to his chest.
“You wound me, Reina. Not even one small word for my injured ego.”
“All of you. Everything.”
It’s said we can’t feel warmth, but passion burns within us. More heat radiates through our bodies, than that of a human’s.

His gaze pierced mine. His chest rose and fell as he inhaled deeply. “I remember your most important lesson.”
I wouldn’t be able to keep control much longer. “Cual?”
He shook his head, “Not yet. . .“
He knew me well, knew the correct moves, and after all -of these years- he remembered. My body began to burn. I scanned the dance floor again, and glanced to the northern corner.
“Why bother?” he asked.

I looked at him. His left index finger followed the pattern on the table. “You know you’re not taking him tonight.”
“Oh no, and who am I taking tonight?”
Our eyes met and the fire burst through me.
“Your first lesson, the more passion, or desire that burns. . . “
My breath hitched.
“The sweeter the blood.” He inhaled deeply and smiled.
“You remember well. Tell me was I not correct in teaching you this?”
“You were correct.”
It became my turn to inhale; his scent confirmed what my eyes were already telling me.

“The dress or her date no longer matter, Ale. You’re coming with me tonight.”
Desire sang within my body. He was right, I would leave with him tonight, but my Gabe was wrong too.
Tonight wouldn’t change anything. It was just another hunt.


If you didn’t read it over at Deadly Ever After You can enjoy it here.


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  1. rebecca2000 says:

    I read it when it was posted there but I wanted to show my support here too. 🙂


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