Some very special plans are in the works for you guys. You guys will be so fascinated by his talent.

Severed Limb Movement

Fellow author, friend and my #1 Fan Mari Wells (@Mari_Wells4) will soon be holding a whole week devoted to Bobby’s book series D2D (Death 2 Death)!

After having been given the opportunity to read the books as part of  preview she fell in love with the books, characters and series altogether! In fact she loved it so much that she will be dedicating a whole week to the books and the author (Bobby Salomons) on her website.

She’s written two complete (p)reviews, will be doing an interview and then some, curious to what she thinks? Here’s some excerpts:

On “Amongst the Dead”:

The world created in “Amongst the Dead” is amazing. I read all but the last 10 pages of the first novel in one night. It was past midnight when I finally sat the novel down and went to bed. I woke up early the next day…

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