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Deadly Ever After

TODAY’S BREW: Sunberry punch, malibu red, triple sec and frozen berries. Sheenberry punch.

For all our romantics out there, I give you Just Another Hunt by our lovely friend, Mari Wells. Mari is far more of a lady than either of us, so we are classing it up for you to start with. Enjoy!



By Mari Wells

I sat in the corner watching everyone in the club. A few eyes were on me; this red and black leather dress always got their attention. I heard the whispers, the words like daggers. It doesn’t matter; women are cruel when threatened by another of their kind.


I intimidated them all when on the hunt.


Only one man would do tonight. I didn’t mind if he’d arrived with someone else, he’d be leaving with me. I raised the drink in my hand to my lips. I still hadn’t…

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