Tales of a Kitchen Goddess

So some of you know me and my little secrets. Some of you know more than just a few secrets.

OOOh, secrets you think, right. No, not those secrets.

My creativity doesn’t stop and go to sleep when I leave my PC or notebook. No, my creativity stays with me especially in the kitchen.
That was one secret.

Some of you know I body build. Yes, I weight lift big weights. My dumbbells are 45 pounds! They’re the same my husband uses. His sets and reps are longer/higher than mine, but I can work those big boys just like him.
That was secret number two.

Some of you know that I spend a long time cooking everyday. It takes me 1 hour to make dinner everyday. My son has severe food allergies, and he’s very sensitive to chemicals. My husband eats *VERY* low fat. I watch my sugar and fat. I try to only eat natural carbs. So our eating habits are very strange to say the least.
That was secret number three.

Though these aren’t really secrets.. they are more like personal tidbits.

So yesterday I had a craving for Chinese food. Chow Mein, fried rice and something.

I mean, I really was craving this. Like when your pregnant and its 30 below zero and 3 AM and you promise your husband if he doesn’t go get whatever you crave at that moment. NOW! You’ll never ever talk to him again as long as he lives and that will be about 30 seconds longer. Because this is all his fault!

So I looked in my pantry and in the freezer. I had a bag of spaghetti, and some stir fry veggies. Hmmmmm.
I had some chicken breast and steak. Hmmmmm

I looked in the spice cupboard and in the fridge…Hmmmm

So I made Chinese food “take out fake out”.

Yes, I make my own homemade Chow Mein, Fried Rice and Meat veggie dish.

Chow Mein
The Chow Mein

Chicken and Veggies
The meat dish. I could throw my camera out the door. It didn’t pick up the pretty brown color of the chicken.

Fried Rice
The Fried Rice. Dumb camera, didn’t pick up the golden brown of the rice. 😦

I also made some fresh salsa. This is the beginning stage.

This is so easy.

The chicken:
Cut chicken breast into cubes. Place in bowl with minced garlic, salt, pepper and lemon juice.
After sitting for 2 hrs. throw into hot non stick pan, until brown. Add veggies.

The Fried Rice:
Slice cabbage, chop carrots and celery. Drop into hot pan with a few shakes of salt, until wilted. Add left over rice. Mix.
Remove from heat once rice is warm.

The chow mein:
1 bag of spaghetti
boil it in beef broth. You can use bullion. I use Better Than Bullion when I don’t have homemade stock on hand. NO MSG!
Better Than Bouillon Beef Base
A few shakes of Saffron.
When the noodles are almost ready throw in some fresh carrots.
Turn off the heat. Toss in frozen veggies.

As you can see, I didn’t use a drop of Oil, so it’s very low fat. I didn’t add any additives. There was very little salt.
The family loved it, but the wanted sweet and sour so I drizzled Honey on their plates. They added Soy Sauce.
The kids have requested it again. So it had to be good.

Photo Credit:
Better Than Bullion http://smellslikefoodinhere.blogspot.com/2011/01/better-than-bouillon-beef-base.html


3 thoughts on “Tales of a Kitchen Goddess

  1. Nice! I always make my own Chinese. It’s so easy and good, and I know I don’t have to feel guilty about the hidden crap and calories in it. Tomorrow I plan on making a foo young/stir fry hybrid with shrimp, eggs, bean sprouts, water chestnuts, peas, onions and peppers.


  2. paulaacton says:

    Hmmm not made chow mein for a while I love to do it every now and again for sunday dinner I just make a huge bowl and place it in the middle f the table and let everyone dive in

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