Aswang Variations

Today is vampire Wednesday. We will look at the last of the Aswang Vampires; these are variations of the Aswang. I hope you enjoyed our last few weeks getting up close with the Aswangs.

A species of vampire that is said to be as old as the Philippines. The Danag co existed with humankind and was even accredited as the first cultivators of the TARO plant. One day a woman cut her finger and the Danag that was working by her side offered to clean the wound for her.  As it sucked on the wound, it realized it enjoyed the taste and couldn’t stop itself. The poor woman died. The Danag has practiced vampire blood drinking ever since.


A Mandragore takes the form of a very beautiful woman. She only appears at night and uses her beauty to seduce men into marrying her. With a husband, she has a live in blood source. She can fly and is susceptible to sword and knife attacks.


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15 thoughts on “Aswang Variations

  1. rebecca2000 says:

    Did I ever tell you my kids both asked me when they each reached age 7 or 8 if I was a vampire? I laughed the first time, I rolled the second. Mostly because I am very pale (and anemic), I am a night owl, and I don’t love to be in the sun too much.

    • mari wells says:

      No, you never told me this.
      My kids ask me all of the time.
      I’m really pale too,(I teeter in and out of anemia) have black hair and a widow’s peak. My 5 yro screams anytime I let my hair down. I am a night owl too and Don’t like the sun.
      Then I start talking about all of these myths and it scares them. My oldest goes: “Mom, um, how do you know all of this?” I grin evilly and say”I’ve been trusted with the secrets of my kind.”
      They all nod and leave me alone. Yesterday I was trying to convince them to get me a bat for a pet for Mother’s day. Seriously! It isn’t going well.

      • rebecca2000 says:

        LOL Funny. I don’t have a widows peak, but I always wanted one. Sigh. Well I have always thought you and I had some stuff in common.

      • mari wells says:

        I always knew we had a lot in common too.
        Seriously, in school I was call vampire girl.
        My canine teeth are pointed, the widow’s peak, super pale, dark hair, and I would wear dark lipstick.
        Every one knew me as the vampire. I’d wear a silver cross just to confuse them. LOL

      • rebecca2000 says:

        lol I was talking to my husband about this the other day. I can see how vampire lore came to be. Because I bet you could look like my sister in person. Dark and light contrast on us. I bet it started with anemia way back when. You do sound beautiful. Do you show your actual picture anywhere?

      • mari wells says:

        I’ve been in and out of anemia since I was maybe 12 to 14. No I don’t have my actual picture up anywhere. The one person who as seem my picture says it’s exactly like my avi. We do look similar, we could probably pull of saying we were sisters, at the very least cousins.

      • rebecca2000 says:

        I understand why you wouldn’t want to show your photo online. I used to not either, but decided to market myself as me. Me too on the anemia. Okay cousin vampires we shall be.

      • mari wells says:

        I just started all of this a few months ago. Give me sometime to get use to it all. I will put a photo somewhere one day.
        We could be sister vampires, I mean if we are created by the same “Master/Creator” we would be sisters. 😀

      • rebecca2000 says:

        LOL we can… hmmm we should make that happen. 😉

      • mari wells says:

        My “Creator” is no longer looking for “Young” at the moment.
        I have been given too much to do to request your “Change” and the responsibility to “Teach” you the “Laws” at the moment.
        Maybe soon!

  2. Christopher Shawbell says:

    They’re everywhere! I love your research pieces, Mari!

  3. I love these vampire posts; they are always so very interesting! 🙂 Who knew there were so many kinds of vampires! And the pics you find to illustrate them are so fabulous – often in a freaky way, but still cool! Brightest Blessings

    • mari wells says:

      Thanks, Sammi. I’ve just scratched the surface. There are tons of different kinds of vampires. It takes more time to decide which one to write about and finding a picture than it does to write the post. 😀

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