It’s not Vampire Wednesday, but this is too good to wait until Wednesday.
The Undead Duo gives us a lot to think about. Think about it, consider it and leave them your comments!

Deadly Ever After

Today’s Brew:  Julie’s shunned favorite, French Toast coffee.  But the real news is the waffles with the real maple syrup.  Pancake goo is for people who hate life.

by Kristen

I’ve always found it fascinating that ancient vampire myths from all cultures share certain characteristics: nocturnal beasts that drink blood.  It’s not like they could Google these things hundreds or thousands of years ago.  The printing press wasn’t even invented until 1450, so books weren’t readily available.  No libraries for research.  Information could only be passed by handwritten letters, if you could read, write, or even afford paper, or by spoken word.

So what caused the link in the myths?  It had to be routed in some sort of truth.   Could it have been a genetic disorder that medicine had yet to explain?

One explanation of these myths could be porphyria.  Now known as a group of disorders, people affected…

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