This is amazing. After you read it look around. This writer will have you addicted in a matter of seconds. Trust me, I’m his number one fan!

Severed Limb Movement

It’s been said one can hear them, howling still, through the forests, the valleys and the hills. It’s been said one can sometimes see them, in the peripheral of your vision, their tall silhouettes flashing by. They watch you, and hear you, they can taste your smell. After so many centuries, they still have no place, doomed to roam forever where none will ever acknowledge them.

In a time, so long ago, that most have forgotten how the world was once ruled by Gods and creatures much mightier than man; A time when animals were beasts, who understood mankind better than man did himself, it was then that justice served through more than the book of law.

Somewhere between the mountains of the Balkans and Carpathians, between ancient Greek and Thracian kingdoms, on the edge of the river Danube lay a small village rich and cultured. They were not with…

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