Aswang Shape-Shifter Vampire

Its Vampire Wednesday, Baby!

Okay so last week we looked at Aswang Mannananggal, this week we’ll look at some other “Aswang” vampires.

If you remember from last week, the Aswang Mannananggal comes from the Philippines. She’s some freaky vampire because she rips herself in half to hunt. Her guts trail out of her torso as she hunts. Do you also remember I said there were quite a few Aswang vampires. Today will learn about the Shape-shifter Aswang

Aswang Shape-shifter

This vampire can be either male or female, but it prefers the shape of an old woman with bloodshot eyes. She has long black hair and a tongue to match. A sorcerer can become this kind of vampire by performing a special ceremony, but if he/she wants to change someone else, all she has to do is blow on his or her neck.

There are healers (mananamble) who can make a special potion that will have to be poured down your throat (because come on even vampires have survival instincts) and you convert. The Aswang will vomit; weird things like eggs or live birds. When the Aswang’s vomiting stops, it’s cured, but the willing sorcerer isn’t she’ll die.


“So, what does this weird vampire eat, how does it hunt?”

I’m so glad you asked. Aswang Shape-shifter hunts women, children, the sick, and the old. They prefer to attack while the prey sleeps. If the prey wakes up, Aswang Shape-shifter will emit a strong smell that paralyzes the victim. If her intended prey is awake when she attacks, she’ll overpower them.

Once she has taken what she wants, she makes a replica out of banana leaves, grass, and sticks. She then uses her magic (remember she was a witch/sorcerer to begin with) to animate the replica. Over the next few days, the replica will get sick and die. You must look into the person’s eyes to find out if it’s the true person or the replica.

“How do I know by looking in its eyes?” You ask.  If it’s a true person, you will see your reflection, if it’s a replica your reflection will be upside down.

While you’re looking into sick replica eyes, the Aswang has carried her prey off to her lair where she tortures it and slowly eats it. The liver is the favorite part.

You’re sitting there thinking, “This just might be as strange as last week’s vampire but I have one question for you Mari. Why shape shifter….”
Oh, you brave of heart who still reads here. You who continue to come back week after week to get your vampire fix…

The Aswang shape-shifter is called a shape-shifter for no other reason than her amazing shape-shifting abilities. She can change into any animal and/or person, but also (here is the amazing part…) inanimate objects! Are you freaked out yet? You should be this vampire can even fly, not while in bird form. She can fly! An oily substance secreted through her armpits lets her FLY! Your desk or couch just might be an Aswang Shape-shifter.

So are we doomed to be prey to Aswang shape-shifter?
There is a way to know if she’s nearby… On Good Friday, complex oil can be made. (No word on how to make it) After it’s made, it will boil anytime she’s near.

Sorry folks that’s all I know, I can’t tell you how to protect yourself. I don’t know what kills her. I’m thinking keep the tried and true close by.

Next week another “Aswang” vampire..there’s still a few left.

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18 thoughts on “Aswang Shape-Shifter Vampire

  1. yerpirate says:

    Definitely a real expert in vampires!

  2. Oooh, I love the having to look in her eyes thing and see if your reflection is right side up or upside down. I have to use that in a story. Somehow …

  3. Reblogged this on Bloody Good Book Blog and commented:
    I love the history of our beloved vampires. Folklore or fact?

  4. Not the nicest of vampires! Brightest Blessings!

  5. Marvin Salas says:

    is there a way to be aswang?

    • mari wells says:

      I’ve written about Aswang vampires for the past 3 weeks.
      There isn’t a lot of information about how to become one.
      If an Aswang Shape-shifter blows on your back, You’ll be one.
      An Aswang witch knows the spells to convert one.
      This is the only help I can give.

      • Marvin Salas says:

        uh, i want to become one if them honestly. my grandmother is an aswang too but i don’t know where she is.

      • mari wells says:

        I’ve given all the information I’m allowed to give. I can’t help you anymore. Search for her if your desire is great.

  6. Lelou Biating says:

    Very interesting. I was born and grow up in Visayas Philippines the concept of ‘Aswang’ terrorised my childhood. I believe the existance of this creatures. I had encounters with the presence of Aswang, i’d watched my father & uncle fought with aswang. Aswang are just any other ordinary folks living with us. They are amazingly, beautiful, good looking, charming and kind. Aswang is heridetary it runs in the family. Vegetable & salt if useless but any form of weapon blades, especially bronze dagger, guns bullet, machine gun etc. can injure or kill the aswang but it wil struggle to go back home to pass on the curse to its love one. So must be pursue. Another powerful weapon against Aswang is faith in God, evil can never touch or harm you. I have proven it. As an adult i have been living in East Africa for 25 years we do have voodo & witches here but nothing horrifying than Aswang in Philippines.

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