An hour worth of interuptions

This is a few hours of how my morning goes.

Breakfast is done dishes are washed, kitchen is clean. The first lessons of the day have been given. I drop into my chair start up Word, and stare at the blank screen. Soon My Muse is standing behind me and we start writing. My fingers are tapping across the keys happily. Then it starts!

(Color coded for easier understanding. Four children, 4 colors)



Mom, how do you multiply?

Mom, how do you divide fractions?

Mama, Mommy. What color for this flower? 

Give me a minute please. I try to continue typing over their constant jabbering.





What is your multiplication problem? Fourteen times three. If you have three pile of fourteen M&Ms how many M&Ms do you have? 30? No. 43? No, Okay, I get it.

I twist in my chair, What is your math problem? Never mind. I don’t need help anymore. 

Let me see your paper. Preschooler brings her worksheet. You have to color the flowers pink. Okay? Yeah.

Look at oldest…Do you need help? She hands me her math book. I explain areas. She starts working.

MOOOOOMMMMMMMMM! What color is this pink? Holds out crayon. Bubble Gum Pink. This one? Holds out second crayon. Carnation Pink. Which pink do I use. I don’t know pick one. I can’t! I love pink, I can’t pick one! Let me see you paper. Oh, I read it wrong, it says color the flowers different colors of pink. She nods and starts coloring.

I turn back to the screen and type a few words. After staring at the screen without touching the keyboard I bang my head into the desk. I look over my shoulder. My Muse, Where are you?

The boy isn’t working. What are you doing? What do I do now? Are you finished with your math lesson? It’s lesson 32, you told me not to do it. Sit down at the table, and get ready, I’ll be right there. I proceed to save all the Word documents. I’ve learned to never leave anything unsaved. (small children, don’t ask)

I go and get the teacher manual and another book that explains math. I sit down beside the boy who is contently drawing pictures of some video game (Mindcraft maybe?)

Why haven’t you got your paper ready. Oh, I didn’t know I was going to do math. I thought you wanted me to do grammar or something. He starts writing his name and lesson number on the paper.

I’m hungry.

Me too.

You just ate an hour ago. I’m hungry too. My screen mocks me…Did you really think you could do it all? Here I sit all alone, and you will not return for some time.  My Muse has run away. I think she doesn’t understand math. 😀 I read through the books and get the boy working on his lesson then make something to eat.

Two and a half to three hours later, kids have full bellies and new lessons. I return to the mocking screen. I look around for My Muse. She is no where to be seen. I pull out the earphones and begin to trudge my way through a few sentences, with music blaring in my ears.

My Muse will you return later today?


18 thoughts on “An hour worth of interuptions

  1. Oh my God. I wrote a post that echoes this post back in August, I think.

  2. paulaacton says:

    for a long time my muse only came out of her hiding place after the kids went to bed

    • mari wells says:

      I think My Muse prefers me insane! Or she enjoys causing some chaos too. Usually she comes in the middle of the night when I’m trying to sleep, and she won’t shut up. There have been times when I have stayed up until after midnight writing in the dark.

  3. Brenda says:

    heehee… this happens to those of us that dont write too!

    • mari wells says:

      I know, if you have kids it will happen, or it could happen with Life trying to get your attention. You will have to admit, that if you are not a writer, your muse will not mock you.

      • cantrelljason says:

        Unless, if you’re not a writer, the REASON you’re not a writer is because your Muse was mocking you and eventually gave up. Everyone has to be visited by a Muse at some point. Even if it’s to write a fifth grade book report. Some Muses just don’t stick around after the homework is done…

      • mari wells says:

        I am a writer, aspiring novelist. I was sharing a day in my life. Trying to encourage and give a laugh to those who read what I write. My Muse may run away on some days but she comes back. I try to remember what she has told me when she’s gone and continue writing.

  4. Joyce says:

    Mari, I had to laugh at your post here. It was funny, but very true. Do you home school your children? I got that impression that you do. Either way, this all sounded very familiar to me as I remember back raising my girls (now grown and mothers now, too) when I had to show so much patience over helping them with school work or teaching how to read, count, tie their shoes, etc. This list goes on and never lets up it seems until your a grandmother and start it all over again in small doses showing some of these things to the grandchildren when babysitting them, or helping their ‘mommy’ out at times. I am a 65 yr. old grandmother of four great grandkids but remember back to the good ole days of bringing up my kids (with my husband’s help, of course). Isn’t life interesting with kids? But, also a blessing, and gift from God.
    Enjoy all of it while you can. When they are grown you want those memories to look back on when your memory or life has those still moments of recalling what you had back then and trying to recapture what you can’t remember anymore. Ha Ha. Those are ‘senior moments’ we have a lot of at times. Just now getting back to some of the Friday Fictioneers stories and posts and trying to comment and catch up. Thanks for liking my posts, stories and all the positive feedback on them. I really appreciate it. Now, Mari, go and have a good and blessed day. Take care.

    • mari wells says:

      Thank you for taking the time from your day to write me such a wonderful comment.
      Yes, I do homeschool, the youngest really doesn’t do school. She plays school while the rest do their lessons.
      Thank you for the reminder that this stage won’t last forever, and i will miss it one day. At times I forget, in the middle of the moment and all the stress.
      I love your blog and Friday Ficioneers’ stories.

      Thank you again for your comment and encouragement. May you also have a wonderful and blessed day.

  5. Hahaha, I have so much more respect for my mother now. She only had to deal with 2 kids, but still … stay sane 🙂 Keep writing 🙂

    • mari wells says:

      Want to make her day? Give her a big hug. Or save it for when she’s really stressed. It will melt her heart. 😀
      I’m doing my best at writing. Some days it isn’t that good!

      • I fear I hug her too much. She’s gotten too used to my affection. Now she just assumes I’ll hug her all the time, and doesn’t appreciate the sentiment behind each hug.

        Just kidding, of course 🙂 Gonna go hug her right now!

      • mari wells says:

        You can never hug a mother too much, (well, if she isn’t your mother, you probably could) A mother lives off of hugs from her children like one lives off of air. 😀

  6. Abraham says:

    Wow! I enjoyed reading this and I imagine it must be challenging on many occasions. May you children grow up to appreciate all you do for them.

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