Too many ideas. Not enough time.

I mentioned the other day that I have too many things I’m writing. I decided to let you in on some of it.
You know of the Vampire story I wrote and the sequel I’m working on.
Various side stories regarding my vampires.
You know of the paranormal mystery
I’m writing, what started as a short story about a girl learning to be a witch, I’m thinking maybe it might be a good serial series. I just wrote another small episode.
I’m working on another short story, to submit to the magazine.
Various short stories that come to me when I’m least expecting it.  One of them being the tree Facelikeafryingpan posted about, scroll down a bit.
The werewolf story I’m doing for NaNo.

Six different writing projects. My desk is a mess, my computer’s desk top is a mess. Sigh, the cost of creativity.

Too many ideas; not enough time.
Do you have this problem?

15 thoughts on “Too many ideas. Not enough time.

  1. Chelsea Brown19 says:

    Just letting you know that I’ve nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award.
    Check it out

  2. I don’t have a desk in my office, so my computer is on an old TV cart in my living room and my coffee table is my desk. Holy mess, Batman. And I hate messes! Ask Julie, she thinks I’m nuts. Add in the fact that my paying job is also a home office job (although 99% of my actual work is done on location). My mission for this week is to get a desk and get my office up and running. Oh yeah, and finish revisions sometime this month too.


    • mari wells says:

      My desk is in the corner of the living room. That is the only way to make sure the children don’t kill each other. LOL
      Because it is in the living room it is also a catch all for everyone. I have to keep moving piles from it to be able to reach the keyboard.
      I should post about the state of my poor PC. That would be a good story for your “Scare Us With A Story.” request. LOL
      I told my oldest the other day I was going to bedazzle my desk with gemstones. I made up a whole story about it. They were all on the floor in stitches.
      Good luck on your plans for the weekend!

  3. Desk?! What the hell is a desk? I have tote bags full of binders surrounding my kitchen table, some for new projects, some for blogs, some for things I’ve already done and don’t know what to do with the hard copies of. I work from the couch. The standards are lower.


    • mari wells says:

      My desk is control central for Homeschooling, Writing, Home office, etc. I have a backpack that ways 18 1/2 lbs full of writing stuff, plus all of the notebooks laying on top of the TV stand and the desk. The notebooks are carried around with me. LOL

  4. ispiderbook says:

    I’m the same, there just aren’t enough hours in the day. I’ve got a script that’s half finished, two short stories at various stages of development, a mate of mine wants to take a comedy sketch I wrote and try to write a pilot for a series, believe it or not a kids book that’s half finished and about three other projects that I’ve written a chapter or two.

    • mari wells says:

      It must be a sign of creativity. Yeah, that’s it….creativity. I read somewhere it was a sign of procrastination. That can’t be it…I work on all of them, they will all get done….soonish. LOL

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