Today is Vampire Wednesday!

Ancient myths believed vampires could father child.    Umm? Yeah, baby vampires rise a whole new set of questions.

Gypsies believed that some vampires (MULE) would pay their spouse or other young women nightly visits; sometimes these visits would result in pregnancy. The hybrid child was called a dhampir. Dhampirs in myth were usually male -although recent fiction has female dhampirs usually called dhampirlla.
Dhampirs lived a normal live in their communities. It was believed that dhampirs had special powers for finding and destroying vampires. A highly paid for skill.   Some dhampirs would supplement their incomes by selling their skills.  If the vampire was outside of his grave the dhampir could shoot it with a pistol. (No staking through the heart!)
Here’s some strange info..
Residents of Gypsy communities thought that dhampirs had slippery, jelly-like bodies, because they thought vampires didn’t have bones. (Huh? Alrighty then!) They were believed to live short lives.
A dhampirs’ powers would pass to his sons, through a family line. The powers couldn’t be learned.

Nosferatu, and Incubi were also believed to be able to father children.

Other vampire hybrid children were called Cambion and Glog. More on them another day.


10 thoughts on “Dhampir

  1. Awesome. Never get tired of vamp mythology.

  2. My universe has two kinds of vampires, human and alien. Human vampires being normal humans mutated by alien vampire DNA. So, centuries ago, when the Eastern European population was more aware of the alien vampires, it was the human vampires who were called half-human/half-vampire “dhampirs” (and of course the human vampires were highly skilled in hunting the alien vampires). After the human vampires drove the aliens to near-extinction, “dhampir” gradually shifted to the present mythos of a biological offspring. And the human vampires continue to benefit from being considered “dhampirs” in Eastern Europe.

    • mari wells says:

      That’s cool! Do your Alien Vampires have any special traits or skills? the Alien Vampires had to have some way of fighting back your Dhampir vamps.
      I’m at your blog reading, I might be able to find it out. 🙂

      • The human vampires call the aliens Pure Vampires, or Pures.

        Pures’ bodies can generate inner gravitational forces, enabling them to cling to walls and ceilings. They are pale white, no bodily hair, sharp teeth, carnivores (raw meat & blood diet only). Pures are more bullet-resistant than a cape buffalo or hippopotamus, but (like those two animals) can be killed by large-caliber automatic weapons, cannonballs, missiles, and of course decapitation. Pures are stronger and faster than almost all human vampires. And they can telepath with select humans.

        Since their home planet Sek’Met had full cloud cover, Pures evolved with no tolerance of direct UV radiation exposure (ie: sunlight). Sek’Met had no acidic plants, therefore Pures are “allergic” to garlic and onions.

        Both types of my vampires are living beings. The Pures (like certain jellyfish) have no end-of-life sequence in their DNA, making them “immortal” until killed. The Pure DNA also slows down the aging sequence of human vampires to one-tenth of its normal rate. Since the human vampires age one year physically for every ten calendar years, normal humans think they’re immortal, simply because they won’t live long enough to see human vampires age much!

      • mari wells says:

        That’s really cool. You’ve done a lot of research and logical thinking. I would have loved to be a fly on your wall during that time. 😀

  3. Basically, I couldn’t envision a human body’s DNA mutating to the point where it would combust in sunlight or be poisoned by garlic. The basic structure of our DNA has been tolerant of sunlight & garlic for millions of years. Beyond the point where mutation could change it without killing the host, in my opinion.

    An extra-terrestrial race that evolved on a different planet, now that’s another matter!

    • mari wells says:

      I couldn’t either. My vampires aren’t effected by the smell of garlic. I have a few Italian vampires who love the aroma! LOL. Sunlight won’t cause combustion either. Their skin is very sensitive to sunlight though. Like a very fair skinned person, they can get wicked sunburns easily. So they follow the rules Dermatologists give, long sleeves, sunglasses, and hats.

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