Writing and Homeschooling

Anyone who writes knows that it is a full time job.
Anyone who homeschools knows that it is a full time job.
Being a stay-at-home mom is a 24/7 job.

So what got into my mind that said I could do all three?

I think I wrote that wrong…

What got into my mind that said I could do all three!
Hmmmm, yes that looks better.

Why did I think I could teach a multiplication lesson, then teach how to divide fractions, and just because that wasn’t enough! Then teach how to find the area and volume of solid.
Why did I think I could sit down, write a few paragraphs of a vampire novel or a paranormal mystery or about werewolves, and teach three different levels of math? Why did I think I could make lunch then teach three levels of history and science and Language arts, then go back to writing.
Where did I think I would have time to research agents or query magazines, grade lessons from three children, look over the preschooler’s worksheets, and make dinner from scratch every day? (This is why I don’t blog very often. I try to post three times a week though.)

I’ll tell you what got into my mind.
I’ll tell you why I decided I could do this.

I decided to take writing on because the need to write was boiling in my blood. The sacrifice was better than the physical pain of not writing.

I may be crazy. Actually, I’m pretty sure I’m crazy, but I’m happy.
Yes, I’m happy here with papers and school work stacking up around me.

I am writing!
I’m following a dream that I’ve spent at least a decade trying to kill.

I watch my desktop fill and my notebooks filling with stories and novels and I smile, before beating my head into the wall. Then with a pounding headache I smile again, because as my fingers tap across the keyboard or my pen glides across the notebook. I’m going what other wish they were brave enough to do.

I may fail. My stories may never reach others.

I won’t die asking what if…

This post started off being about homeschooling and turned into a post about  reaching a dream.

I need to learn how to work with scheduling posts. 😦


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