Evolution of my writing

My writing has evolved through the years. Sometimes its fun to stop and look back. Would you care to join me?

As a teenager I wrote poetry. Tragic, heartfelt poetry. It made some cry, the adults in my life (at that time) would roll their eyes. A few encouraged me to keep writing… my mom, my grandma, and Mrs. Lucas ( one my English teachers). I burned all of that poetry as it was just a creative out let.

When I was pregnant with my first child, I started writing again. They were very short stories or poems mostly about animals and rhymed. They weren’t very good. They were also burned.

Last year I started writing again. The first was a short ghost story. Then came a short romance story. I enjoyed writing the two so I decided to follow the idea of a haunted house. I started at the beginning and hand wrote 3 pages when I understood that I wasn’t meant to write that story. (At least not then, πŸ˜‰ it stays in my idea folder.) The vampire story came to me after I sat the haunted house story aside. I’m calling it Awakened By Death. (Giving a novel a name is in my opinion as hard as naming a child.)

Since that first novel, I began it’s sequel. Another story started playing in my mind and I started writing it too, (Haylee’s story- Secrets of Sathan). This story I think will be a mystery, but I’m leaning towards thriller or suspense. I have to wait and see what Haylee wants it to be.

While writing these two novels I have written a few more short stories ranging from 750 words to 2300 words. I have began outlining a werewolf story too. I think I like the paranormal/supernatural genre.

Now that being said, here’s the evolution part.

I wrote a short story with a particular magazine in mind. This magazine has themes for every month and so I had to write about the topic of their choice. I really enjoyed it! I was really worried for a while, but as soon as I started writing, it just flowed. I wrote another story for them, it was the same, as soon as I relaxed it poured out. I’m now working on yet another story for the following month, again their choice of topic. I am really enjoying it.

It’s fun and really nice knowing I can write other s

So I guess I’m not a genre writer after all πŸ˜€


4 thoughts on “Evolution of my writing

  1. Brenda says:

    Makes you wonder how others can only write one thing. I wonder if they have never even tried to do something else? But maybe if they really love that which they are writing about….they should stay there.

    • mari wells says:

      Any and everywhere a writer looks, we’re told to write what you know. It’s supposedly easier to write what you know or love. I personally am enjoying the challenge. I feel like it’s helping me grow as a writer to write about something I wouldn’t normally choose.

  2. I think it’s fun to explore new areas and try to stretch yourself. Good for you, Mari!

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