Armenian Vampire

Today is Wednesday … and that means it’s Vampire Wednesday here at my blog.

The Armenian Vampire

The first mention of a vampire creature in Armenia was in a text by Baron August von Haxthausen in 1854. Montague Summers mentioned the text.
The local legend says Dakhanavar (a vampire) protected the valley from intruders. He would attack nighttime travelers by sucking blood out of their feet.

–Yuck! What would Dakhanavar do if they had athletes foot? What if their feet stink? Would you be safe then? Or was that part of his foot fetish?—

Two travelers outsmarted him who had heard the story before.
No, they didn’t rub garlic all over their feet. Get this!
They went to sleep with the others feet under their heads. Dakhanavar was so frustrated by the creature with two heads and no feet that he ran away never to be heard from again.
Now that doesn’t sound like a scary vampire to me. Well, as long as I have a friend who is willing to use my feet as a pillow.

On a separate note, my right wrist is much better. No brace! My left is not yet. So I am hunting and pecking with the right hand while my left hand rests in my lap; enjoying the special treatment it receives.


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