Secrets of Sathan

Here is a piece of Haylee’s story. The mystery story. I think I’m going to call it

Secrets of Sathan

Ashley followed Haylee as she slowly moved through the dark house. Occasionally she would turn. Ashley was able to see Haylee’s eyes were closed. She whispered as she wandered through the house stopping at each window, drawing some imaginary symbol on the curtains. She stopped at each door, bent down and ran her hand across the bottom, from left to right, of the door frame. Then would stand back up and draw something on the door. She stopped at each interior door, wiped her hand across the bottom, and drew invisible symbols on the door.

Ashley didn’t understand the strange words Haylee chanted. She stepped out the back door and bent down at the right corner for a few moments then moved to the left corner. She stood up and moved towards the back corner of the backyard. Ashley bent down and inspected the corners of the door frame. A small symbol no bigger than an inch was drawn on the cement with black marker. I’ve never seen anything like that. A few shapes intertwined in an oval, what looked like an eye lay in the center. The same symbol was drawn at the other side.

What do you think?


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