I joined NoNaWriMo.
This is my first year. I have heard about this program for a few years now and thought what the heck.
Banging my head against the desk, “What have I done?”
I had a lot of misconceptions.
I thought I could write the 50K words for any novel, not just one novel (one special novel that starts on the first of Nov. and ends on the 30th). So I’m going to have to add another novel to the mix.
Echoes of banging.

If any of you have joined do you have any advice?


15 thoughts on “NoNaWriMo

  1. I have joined. Welcome to the fold šŸ™‚

  2. mari wells says:

    I so sorry but I can’t even find where to search for you at. There should be a space between my first name and last name.

  3. riverpearl says:

    I’ve entered three years and “won” two of them. I actually “edited” my novels and printed myself a Blurb copy of each for fun.

    Here’s what helped me:

    I stocked up on healthy snacks ahead of time. Drinking lots more coffee and eating junk food will take its toll.

    When you should be writing, it’s easy to waste hours looking through the forums and checking what everyone else is doing. I’ve had to focus and limit my time doing that.

    The people who normally get lots of my attention and now have to “share” with NaNoWriMo aren’t so gracious about it and don’t want to hear about my writing. So I go for spending quality time with them focused on other things and let the writing go for awhile. Or rather talking about the writing.

    My blog is totally about something else and I won’t be posting much about NaNo. There has to be some areas where it doesn’t creep in and threaten to take over my entire existence. As a writer, you’ll likely be posting about NaNo though.

    Most of all have fun. You’ll learn something from it!

  4. I’m considering doing this Mari. I guess I better hurry. If I do it, I’ll look you up and connect with you. Thanks for the post. I learned a lot from the comments šŸ™‚

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