How I started writing

I was asked the other day (in a personal conversation) why/how I chose to start writing. I decided the answer would be a good post.

I had an idea about a vampire couple, pop into my head. I mentally played with the idea while making dinner one day. It takes me around an hour to make dinner; depending what I make, it may be longer. Later that evening, the couple I had thought of had become voices in my head. They kept me company for days before I realized I had started writing a few pages a day of what they were saying.

I asked my mother to read a few pages, which she gladly accepted. She really liked it. I continued writing and she reading, until I finished that novel, a full 86,000 words. I then started on the sequel, during which time another character came to me. She demanded her story too, so I started working on her novel. I am currently writing two novels.

I’m also outlining a werewolf story and a ghost story; that keep coming to me.


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