The Upiora is another strange Vampire (no milk drinking this time), but he does DRINK a lot of protein more than the normal vampire.

This Polish vampire looks like a large man.

Christopher Lee as Dracula

Christopher Lee as Dracula

Attacking its victims at night he grabs on victim and smashes the body around until the bones are broken into tiny pieces.

After eating – by sucking the smashed pulpy insides – it skins the corpse and wears the skin.
bloody pulp

The only way to kill an Upiora is to soak it completely in holy water.

Beast of Le Gevaudan Part 2

Dragoon Captain Jacques Duhamel laughed saying werewolves were wife’s tales and stories from superstitions, but Portefaix hand carried a petition from the villagers to King Louis IX at Versailles.

The King order the dragoons to search the surrounding mountains. After the soldiers left, the beast began a murderous rampage during the years of 1765-1767. These years are called “the time of death” in the mountains.
Parish records show daily attacks, Housewives and children were the preferred victims.


A posse of several hundred armed men were assembled by The Marquis D’Apcher. They tracked the monster for days before they surrounded the werewolf in a grove of trees lay Le Serge D’Auvert. The monster charged the armed men after dusk. Jean Chastel said he’d moved from the group to read his prayer book. He glanced up and saw the beast coming at him.

Chastel said he’d prepared according to ancient traditions. His double-barreled musket was loaded with bullets made from a silver chalice that had been blessed by a priest. The first bullet hit the monster in the chest; he let out a howl and charged his attacker. Chastel aimed the next shot at the beast’s heart.

The werewolf dropped dead with the silver bullet in its heart.

The debate about what the beast of Le Gevaudan since the day it was killed. Some researchers think it might have been a rare leopard, others think it was a large wild boar with deadly tusks and dark, tough bristles. Chastel says of his trophy kill, it had peculiar feet, pointy ears and covered with hair. Others in the hunting party claim it was a true werewolf, half man and half wolf.

The carcass of a large wolf was paraded through some villages as proof of the beast’s death. This is known for certain. Abbe Pourcher of St. Martin de Bourchauz parish recorded statements from survivors, and interviewed members of the hunting posse. In his final report he wrote he remains mystified by the true identity of the beast of Le Gevaudan. He also noted that certain rumor had a large wolf was paraded through the village streets because the actual carcass was too terrifying to display.


If you’re interested: tourists can still see Abbe Pourcher’s records and view the double-barreled musket that finally killed the beast. You can also view cemetery and municipal records that attest to hundreds of deaths by the monster’s hands.

**This month’s Full Moon is called Corn Moon.**



Jaracas or Jaracacas live in Brazil.

This vampire might be the only one that scares me!

That’s saying something isn’t it.

So why am I afraid of the Jaracas?

Because when it hunts it takes the shape of a snake!

Yes a SNAKE!!!!! I don’t like snakes. Nina, this is what most of my nightmares consist of. Vampire snakes!

Just in case this hasn’t sunk in yet . . . . . . VAMPIRE SNAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, now that I’ve done my heebie jeebie dance.

The Jaraca attacks breastfeeding women while they sleep. When it attacks a man it bites the upper arm. It takes a small amount of blood that won’t kill the man.

But. . .
It also craves breast milk. When hunting for milk it will slither… (heebie jeebie dance) between a nursing mother and her child while they sleep. As it drinks from the woman’s breast it slips the tip of its tail into the baby’s mouth (another heebie jeebie dance).


To keep the baby from crying and thus giving it more time to feed.

Victims grow weak, and won’t recover until the Jaraca moves to its next village and victim.

It can’t be destroyed, but can be chased away. Praying to Catholic saints having a Catholic Priest bless the victim. There are ancient spells, incantations and talismans that can be made or bought to keep it away.

No Pictures……I don’t like snakes!!!!!

Tools Of A Witch Part 4

You can find part 3 to this series Here

This series is in no way a full list of a witch’s tools. Each and every witch uses what she feels is necessary for the spell or ritual she or he is preforming at that moment. Some witches don’t use any tools, other use a large array of tools. My lists during these past few months are the most commonly used tools.

Any Medicinal drink can be referred to as a potion. The wise ones knew how to brew herbs to heal, although potion is most often thought of as a poison. Or to be used in love magic.


Scotttish Witches use a staff much like other witches use a wand, sword, or asthme, to cast a circle and direct energy. A staff is a symbol of authority.

Crystals and Stones
They’re belived to have energies that aid in magic, and healings.
download (5)

A coven tool the HP or HPs walks around the circle allowing the tip of the sword to mark the circle’s line. Can also be used instead of a wand without a coven.

Card from a Tarot deck.

Card from a Tarot deck.

The witches’ tools differ from tradition to tradition. Whether the witch is a solitary or part of a coven is also important when looking at tools.

Pentacle and/ or Pentagram
Used in divination. Usually on the altar as a protection symbol.

Cards used to tell the future. The Roma or Gypsies brought the cards with them to Europe. The earliest known deck of tarot cards from the fourteenth century. There are 78 cards in total. Twenty-two are figure cards. There are 4 suits usually Wands, Pentacles, Swords and Cups. These cords run from Ace to 10. There are also 4 face cards: King, Queen, Knight, and Page.


White Handle Knife
Used in rituals. Used only to engrave other tools with symbols or names.

The Dead Lands :: Book Review

I recently had the pleasure of reading The Dead Lands by Dylan J. Morgan. If you haven’t read any of Mr. Morgan’s novels – or stories for that matter, you really need to!

The Dead Lands takes place in a far away solar system. Two planets revolve around their sun. The story starts on the planet Hemera 100 years before the main story (I want to say 100 years ago, but this is a futuristic story, or I took it that way.) So anyways, Hemera is about to enter a civil nuclear war, and the president of Magna , and his family enter cryptogenic chambers, they’ll awaken in 100 years. The other planet Erebus promised to help the president when his SOS comes.

One hundred years later, we meet Lane an ex-solider now bounty hunter. Tricked into a special mission to save the president of Hemera, he and a group of elite soldiers begin the month long flight to their sister planet. Most of the soldiers in this new squad know about Lane’s past. His ex-girlfriend is one of the squad members. They’re all told this will be a simple mission, life on Hemera won’t offer any resistance because they don’t expect there to be any life.

Their landing doesn’t go as planned, crashing hundreds of miles away from Magna, the squad loses their pilots, the first in a long line of death. Three soldiers are left with the crashed ship, to try to get communications with Erebus working again. The others head out in search for Magna and the president.

Driving the rovers they brought with them, they find deserted dried lands, and crumbling cities. What they’ve expected all along.

Right about here I started wondering if Morgan wrote a book I didn’t expect. Where are the monsters, I asked Lane and the others. Answering me, Hemera natives started appearing, the troop find a settlement, and are told about the mutants living in Magna.

The troop gets to Magna and all he’ll brakes loose. The mutants although primitive can kill easily.

I’m leaving this review here, because I don’t want to ruin any of the suspense, I stayed up into the wee hours of the morning reading, having to know what happens next.

You can buy your ebook of The Dead Lands by clicking on the title. It’s 0.99 cents at time of posting.

Answered Ad

A few weeks ago I placed a Wanted ad here on this blog. Yes, Undead or Alive. Craig from http://coldhandboyack.wordpress.com/ answered that call. He is alive, I have yet to see a 5th grade sense of humor. I think we’re still in the getting to know each other stage.

I’ve read one of his WIPs. OMG guys! I loved it, you guys have to read it when it comes out! Have to, if you don’t, I better not know about it. I’ll send the hellhounds after you.

I sent him a short story to beta read…. Oops I forgot to tell you we aren’t sharing the other’s work. If you want to know more about his WIP you better head over to his place. ;)
So, my short story is about Adriana when she was a Kindergarten…. She was strange back then too. I submitted it to an anthology, I won’t hear back for 8-12 weeks, that’s until October.

He had some great advice that I’m printing to keep in my Top Secret writing file.

You should go and follow him,
blog http://coldhandboyack.wordpress.com
author page http://www.amazon.com/-/e/B00ILXBXUY
And @Virgilante
his blog is a funny spot to spend some time, and there are writing gems too.

Vampire Thank yous

I want to thank everyone who came over for Vampire Month.

You readers, thank you for coming over and reading. Giving me (and the other writers) a few minutes of your day, I’m very grateful. Thank you!!

You writers, Thank you for giving me and my readers some of your wonderful brilliant words and worlds to get lost in. I couldn’t have done Vampire month without you and you’re work. I’m honored and grateful to have posted your amazingness here. :D

*Raising a goblet* Ave Atque Vale Hail and Farewell. ntil next year, my vampire friends.
Nah, just kidding. We’ll all be in touch soon.

Thank you again.